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Bei uns beginnt die Saison, wenn Sie in Europa aufhört.


Experience unlimited off-road fun in the Taurus Mountains near Alanya.



What’s in for you:


Our season starts when yours normally ends.

Pure off-road-fun – we will be taking you with us on a five day tour through the Taurus Mountains close to Alanya. We will be riding over hill and dale: donkey trails, fire breaks, gravel and sand paths, river fords, uphill and downhill . Wherever you want to go - your endurance and riding skills are the only limit!

When touring with us, having fun comes first! Turkey is one of Europe’s last remaining off-road paradises. Its easy access by plane, its modern, well-kept, high standard hotels and a vibrant nightlife create a framework for what is most important: off-road trips that go far beyond what central Europe has to offer nowadays. Rarely will you find access limitations, closed roads or similar. Ride through the mountains but do not get distracted by the magnificent view of the sea. Enjoy the scenery and marvel at how friendly the locals are.

What motorcycles are waiting for you?

Our fleet offers top motorcycles from KTM, currently the KTM EXC 300 & 450. This well-developed, reliable bike is ideally suited for both beginners and also more competitive riders. We have got more than 15 motorcycles in our fleet, allowing us to accommodate a maximum of 12 guests per week in two groups.

​We have lowered the suspension on some of our bikes, making them far easier to handle for shorter riders.

Cappuccino or Espresso?

​We divide our guests into two groups to ensure that everybody can have an experience suited to the individual skills. The cappuccino group is suitable for all beginners and less experienced riders, or for guests who want a less physically demanding tour yet still want to have fun.

​The espresso group will be covering the same basic routes but will be using more challenging paths. Of course it is possible to switch groups whenever desired.

Where will you be accommodated?

You will be staying in a beautiful and cultured 4-star hotel at one of Alanya’s two beaches. The hotel’s spa offers relaxing hours in the evening so you can enjoy Alanya’s nightlife with renewed energy.

When is the ideal travel season?

The best period for touring the Taurus Mountains is from October through to the end of May. The temperatures at that time are very pleasant and perfect for off-road riding. We do not recommend off-road tours during the summer months, since temperatures can easily go up to about 40°C, even in the mountains.

What else do you need to know?

Tour guide:

He will be tough and scuff proof and know every stone on the way personally – these are our employment requirements. But seriously, our guide has been leading off-road fans through Alanya’s outback for more than 15 years. Not only does he know all of the tracks, trails and paths, but also the custodians of the law, technical snags and weather difficulties. Our guide and our mechanics together make up our well-functioning crew which has proven itself over the years. They are there to assist you with all your motorcycle needs and also offer up-to-date nightlife tips for Alanya. Our guide is also your on-site contact for any questions you might have concerning your booked services.

A sample week:

The off-road trip comprises eight days, five of which are off-road days. Every day our guide will select a new route suited to the riding skills of the groups. How you spend the rest of the leasure day is up to you: you can either relax or enjoy more time on the bike.

Group size:

We offer capacities for up to twelve riders each week. Because we always assign the riders to two different groups we can guarantee a manageable size of each group.

Bringing a travel companion:

Especially during the off-road season, Alanya’s crystal clear sea, the clean beaches and historical sights make it an ideal vacation spot for anyone, not just off-road enthusiasts. That is why our active guests frequently like to bring somebody along to share the vacation with – also since prices in Turkey are very reasonable.

Protective gear:

For your own safety we highly recommend bringing your own off-road gear. Unfortunately we cannot provide rental gear on site; it is, however, possible to lease safety gear in Germany.


We also highly recommend making sure you have travel and health insurance which is valid in Turkey. We also suggest getting travel cancellation insurance. Please note that we accept no liability for injuries resulting from actions of the rider, including negligence and/or incompetence.


For your flight you are usually entitled to 20 kg of luggage allowance per person. For any excess luggage you will usually be charged around 10 EUR per kg.

Assigning the groups:

The routes are selected according to the off-road skills of each individual. The focus is on having fun off-road! It is very important to us that no participant feels out of their depth or, at the other end of the scale, unchallenged. Nevertheless, difficult passages do require helping each other.

Motorcycle damage:

Of course nobody does it on purpose, but once in a while the bikes get damaged in an off-road fall. We have the most common spare parts available on site. For any repairs necessary you will only be charged the official KTM prices for the spare parts. There is in optional insurance coverage available (see booking form).

Pricing and Services:

We can offer our standard packages mentioned on the German webside only for customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All our customers from other countries have to book the package holiday (flight and hotel) on their own. We will give you all necessary informations to book the right package and hotel for the requested week by mail.


KTM 300 2-stroke / 450 EXC 4-stroke:

EUR 300/day

EUR 900/3 days

EUR 1500/5 days


  • Using a motorbike of your choice

  • Routing by our qualified guide

  • Maintenance of the motorbike, oil, fuel and new tires when necessary

  • Lunches and drinks during the tour



Please send us an email with the date and how many days you would like to ride. We will confirm the bike and make a binding reservation for you.



For further questions please write us an e-mail or a message via Facebook and you will get a fast response. Email:


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